Easter Sticker Book and Romans V Dinosaurs on Mars

EasterStickerBookEaster Sticker Book
Published by Usborne

Bouncing bunnies, Easter hat parades, picnics, Easter egg hunts and 400 stickers make this the perfect Easter activity book.

You can use your stickers to help the Easter bunnies hide lots of eggs, decorate some gorgeous Easter eggs and select the perfect hat for the Easter parade for elephant, lion and flamingo.

Our favourite is the ‘busy bunnies’ section where you see how the Easter bunnies live in their underground burrows with the little ones learning how to hide Easter eggs, while the bigger bunnies make, decorate, shelve and store (and occasionally nibble) yummy chocolate eggs.

Happy lambs, spring flowers and nesting eggs round off this fantastic Easter collection of stickers and picture spreads for you to create.


Romans V Dinosaurs on Mars
By Nikalas Catlow, Tim Wesson and You
Published by Nosy Crow

If Romans, Dinosaurs and doodling are more up your street than Easter bunnies, then try out the Mega Mash-Up books, where you get a great adventure and you can draw in parts of the story yourself!

In this book, we visit Romasauria, the land where Romans and Dinosaurs live cheek by jowl, but an approaching asteroid

threatens to destroy them all.

There are parts of the story you can read, and parts that are told in cartoons and that’s where you, the reader / doodler, come in. Lots of the pages need finishing off so you help create the story. You can finish off a Roman hover road, draw a diseased dinosaur and write the front page of a newspaper (the Daily Weird), for example.

Once you’ve done those, you can find out how baked dinosaur dung helps save the day and prevents Romasauria from being squished!

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