Ed Sheeran names the Royal baby!

Wills and Kate

So you’ve probably heard that Prince William and Kate are going to have a baby. And everyone is wondering what it will be called.

Even Ed Sheeran has been giving some advice on the name! He said it’s time for the Royal Family to have a Rock ‘n’ Roll name.

Ed Sheeran

Some of the names he suggested were Twig, Oak Tree or Psy. Princess Twig does have a good sound.

The Fun Kids suggestion is ‘Octojangle’. Prince Octojangle has a nice ring to it.

It’s probably more likely that the baby will have a popular name though. Here’s the top 20 baby names of 2012…

1) Ethan

2) Eva

3) Leo

4) Dylan

5) Jacob

6) Oliver

7) Noah

8) Ella

9) Alfie

10) Amelia

11) Mia

12) Isla

13) Max

14) Charlie

15) Alice

16) Joshua

17) Jack

18) Oscar

19) Isabella

20) Imogen

What do you think the Royal baby should be called?

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