‘Elephant Joe is a Knight’ and ‘Magic and Mayhem’

For younger children

ElephantJoeIsAKnightElephant Joe is a Knight

By David Wojtowycz

This book has dragons, knights, enchanted forests, a villain and a damsel in distress – and all before teatime. It’s also very funny.

Elephant Joe is swimming in the castle moat with his friends when he hears a cry for help from the castle – the Dark Knight has stolen the King’s crown! Elephant Joe and his friends set off to rescue the crown.

With a fierce dragon to fight, a dark tower to enter and a terrible villain to sort out, they have a lot on their plate but nothing turns out quite as you’d expect in this story. The dragon isn’t quite as dragony as they’d feared but the damsel in distress isn’t quite as innocent, either.

Still, the heroes use their charm, luck and good manners to win through – and the Dark Knight also gets her just rewards!

Published by Alison Green Books

For older children

MagicAndMayhemMagic and Mayhem

By Marcus Sedwick

This story has lots cabbages, a bored raven, a dodgy fortune-teller and hundreds of bunnies.

Once you know Castle Otherhand, you know that trouble is never far away. The family of Otherhands, who live in the castle, seem to attract it quicker than a frog catches flies.

This adventure all begins when Lady Otherhand takes her family for a trip to the circus, and comes home with the fortune teller she saw there and Cudweed comes home with the magician’s hat.

Magic and mayhem follow in spades Will Edgar the raven, who narrates The Raven Mysteries, be able to make sense of it all? Or will the fortune teller have it all her own way?

Lots of mystery, lots of fun and as we’ve already said, loads of bunnies!

Published by Orion Children’s Books


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