Explore our A to Z of Food, Health and the Environment!

funkids-kid-eggsIt’s good to look after your body, what you eat and the world around you, and we’re here to help you to do just that!

We have a new fantastic series called Fun Kids’ A to Z of Food, Health and the Environment, brought to you by The Co-operative.

funkids-kid-bikeEvery day at 6.20pm we will be using a different letter on the alphabet to explore everything from bees to keeping Britain tidy, and telling you why they are all important in various ways.

This show is the ultimate guide to learning about the world around you, and what you can do to make it that bit better!

And if you can’t wait for 6.20pm, then check out our special A to Z Guide online!

We have a whole bunch of letters on there, packed full of fascinating facts and information about things you eat, things you do and things around you!

Click here to begin exploring now!