Extinct Animals Aren’t Extinct!

okapiThis is the ultimate of second chances! Scientists have recently found out that animals considered ‘extinct’ have actually showed up again fully alive and doing fine! In fact, they have discovered that an entire third of extinct animals eventually turn up again!

For example, the shy okapi, which is a kind of mix between giraffe and zebra, was first discovered in 1901. However, after not being seen for decades, it was believed that they had died out. Yet five years ago researchers discovered okapi tracks in the wild, proving they were not extinct.

Of course, this does not necessarily mean that they actually come back from extinction. It is far more likely that conservationsists have been a bit hasty when declaring the number of species who have been driven to extinction.

So does this mean I will be able to get a pet Dodo in the end then as I’ve always dreamed?

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