EyePet on PSP

PSP-EyePetOK, before anything can be said about this game itself – whether the technology works and all that stuff – one thing you cannot argue with is how cute the creatures in EyePet are!

Regardless of any problems you may face with the actual game, as soon as you see your pet’s face smile at you or they amusingly fall over you just cannot stop yourself from having a massive grin on your face!

And from this point of view, the game has to be considered a success.

However, there are a couple of flaws, which is understandable since this kind of technology using augmented reality (i.e. placing computer effects onto the actual environment around you) is still relatively new.

eyepet_psp_01Just in case you are not aware of EyePet, it is a video game on PS3 and now PSP where you have an adorable pet.

This may not sound too different to many games before it, but where the excitement lies is the fact that you use the camera on your PS3 or PSP to play with your pet in the actual environment around you. So you can play with your pet on your actual kitchen table or relax with them on your sofa!

EyePet has been massively successful on PS3 and so it was very exciting to hear it was coming to PSP, giving you the chance to actually take your pet wherever you go!

However, you and your pet are sadly not quite free to roam as you may have hoped.

eyepet_psp_02At all times you must use a rectangular-shaped plastic card, which you have to place on a flat surface and have an unobstructed view of it from your PSP camera.

This means that you are actually quite limited since quite often when you might play on your PSP – on the school bus, in a queue and so on – you can’t really place the card anywhere.

However, although this is annoying, we still feel it is well worth the hassel in order to have this incredibly cute pet that you can play with in your actual house!

eyepet psp 2The games that you can play with your EyePet are really fun and challenging, which will give you lots of entertainment.

But more than that, this is such a groundbreaking game in terms of the technology it uses that while playing – even with the flaws – it just makes you more excited about the next version of the game to come out next!

Overall, EyePet is a fantastic little game and – although with problems- the fun you can have when everything is working means this is well worth trying out.

Oh, and did we mention that the pet is really, really cute?

EyePet_LogoEyePet is out now on the PSP for £24.99

Click here to visit the official EyePet website