FILMCLUB: Out in cinemas – Chimpanzee and Ernest & Celine!


Our friends at FILMCLUB have been investigating the latest films that are out in cinemas right now!

Here’s what they thought…


Ernest and CelineErnest and Celestine  7+

This awesome animation, made by the same people behind A Town Called Panic, is a charming story based on the popular children’s books by Gabrielle Vincent.

In a world where bears are in charge and mice are downtrodden creatures, an unlikely friendship is formed: Ernest, a large brown bear working as a clown and musician, meets tiny Celeste, a clever little orphan mouse who has run away from a life where she doesn’t fit in.

They have a very happy friendship until the other bears and mice find out and their anger forces the pair to hide.

This lovely film has tonnes of friendship, belonging and tolerance as Ernest and Celeste go off on an exciting and funny adventure. In French with English subtitles.

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ChimpanzeeChimpanzee  7+

In Africa’s Ivory Coast, a baby chimpanzee loses his parents when his community is attacked by a rival group.

The orphan — named Oscar by his hidden human observers — finds himself helpless in the harsh jungle.

He tries to look after himself but finds survival difficult. That is, until he is adopted by his own community’s grouchy-looking leader, who turns out to have a kind heart.

This nature documentary, which is built around an amusing story, continues the Disney studio’s tradition of producing nature films, which can be traced back to the company’s founder, and keen wildlife observer, Walt Disney.

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