‘Fortunately, Unfortunately’ and ‘101 Things to do to Become a Superhero…or Evil Genius’

For younger children

FortunatelyUnfortunatelyFortunately, Unfortunately
By Michael Foreman

This picture book is awash with pirates, treasure, aliens, space ships, volcanoes and dinosaurs as well as a hefty dose of adventure!

Milo’s Granny has forgotten her umbrella so Milo is charged with returning it to her. Fortunately, he has the umbrella when it starts to rain. Unfortunately, he doesn’t watch where he is going – and so begins his adventure that takes him inside a whale, onto a volcano and into a spaceship.

By the time Milo reaches Granny’s house, the umbrella is a bit of a mess! Fortunately, it is also full of pirate’s treasure. Unfortunately, the pirates want it back…

Children will have fun guessing the eventual outcome of this story and it might just prompt them to have a few umbrella adventures of their own…. Great fun.

Published by Andersen Press

For older children

101_Things_to_do_SuperHero101 Things to do to Become a Superhero … or Evil Genius
By Richard Horne and Helen Szirtes

Every superhero and evil villain needs to be able to run vast distances, hear through walls, have super-vision and save the world from alien attacks – and this little black book tells you exactly how to do it!

To be a true superhero, you need to be able to smell like a dog (well, dogs do have a very good sense of smell), harness the elements (throw water balloons at your enemies) and practice stealth (learn how to creep up on people).

If it’s villainy you prefer, you’ll need to perfect your evil laugh, find a logo and a nemesis to practice your evil laugh on.

Don’t waste your time as a mere mortal! Use this book to transform from ordinary person to total object of worship!

Published by Bloomsbury


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