Fun Kids’ Polish Christmas

In our series Where in the world? Poland! John Iflyalot explores Poland and finds out about the culture. And we thought it would be fun to see how Christmas is different in Poland!

Like a lot of countries, Christmas is a huge deal in Poland! But a Polish Christmas is slightly different to what we’re used to in the UK!

On the run up to a Polish Christmas it is traditional to make Christmas piernik (gingerbread) and make your own decorations.

The decoration of a Christmas tree doesn’t normally happen well up until Christmas Eve or Wigilia! And they’re not decorated with your usual tinsel, they’re covered in the handmade decorations that have been prepared over advent.

And as the trees go up quite late, they come down quite late. Christmas Trees in a Polish Christmas are usually left standing until 2nd February.

Wigilia, or Christmas eve, is seen as a clue to the rest of the year. So if people are happy on Christmas eve, then things should be a great year!

Wigilia also features a feast that lasts well over 2 hours. Don’t expect any Turkey around here though. The usual meat is Carp fish!

And then on Christmas Day it is usual for people to visit families, make decorations together and then exchange gifts.

One custom that we definitely don’t have in the UK is The Breaking of the Oplatek which s a thin wafer made from flour and water.

And one of the most different things about a Polish Christmas is when Santa visits. It’s 3 weeks before Christmas on a day called Santa Claus day!

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