Fun4All The Family

Fun4AllThere are some brand new games out for the Nintendo Wii and the best thing is everyone in the house can play! The games are from the Fun4All range and you’ll love them!

Pirates: Hunt for Blackbeard’s Booty– In the game you have to swashbuckle your way towards Blackbeard’s treasure in a series of timber-shivering challenges. Bolster your trusty crew with friends and family, or clash cutlasses with them and go head-to-head!

Monkey Mischief – Are you a little monkey? Well, there’s some serious ape antics with Monkey Mischief as it’s packed with enough crazy chimp mini-games to get the whole family going bananas.

Block Party – Take to the streets in Block Party to show the neighbours who’s boss – taking on friends and family in 20 exciting challenges including Garage Juggle, Slobber Slammer and Picnic Pests. Settle once and for all who’s best on the block!

Pitfall: The Big Adventure – Leap and swing your way through the exciting world of Pitfall: The Big Adventure as you step into the shoes of Pitfall Harry – treasure hunter extraordinaire. Explore exciting new worlds and battle evil with Harry’s astounding athletic abilities.

Little League World Series Baseball
– Go for a home run in the comfort of your home with Little League World Series Baseball. Learn to bat your way to first base with the Skills Challenge mode before smashing your way to the top of your field in World Series mode!

World Championship Sports– Take on the world from your living room with World Championship Sports, pitting your skills against friends and family in sports such as tennis, basketball, football, hockey, Lacrosse and Ice Hockey – see who can perform under pressure and go for gold.
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