Get your own ZhuZhu Puppy

If you’re looking to get your very own puppy, then check out the brand new game ZhuZhu Puppies.

zhuzhupuppiespackshotOut on the 10th June on the Nintendo DS, ZhuZhu Puppies lets you pick and care for your very own puppy – walking, feeding and bathing it just like a real pet.

There are also lots of games, sing-a-longs, and adventures to keep you and your pooch entertained.

You can even dress your puppy up in your favourite fashion to make your pet ultra cool!

And if you’re a good owner you will receive rewards to spend at the virtual pet store as a well-deserved prize for all you hard work!

Click here to find out more and pre-order your copy.

ZhuZhu Puppies is out on 10th June and will be available on the Nintendo DS

And to give you a sneak peek into this puppy world, check out the gallery below!

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