Get Your Very Own JLS!

JLS&dolls001sYou know you have made it when they make a doll of you! And that’s what has happened to JLS.

Speaking about their brand new Collector Edition dolls, the pop group admitted it was rather weird seeingĀ  a mini doll version of themselves, but as JB admitted, “Our whole lives have been a bit abnormal since the X Factor!”

However, there was no argument with how accurate the dolls were, as Marvin said, ‘I think they are all quite accurate – Aston’s is particularly realistic as it’s almost the same height as him!’

If you still prefer the real thing though, we have exciting news because it has just been confirmed that JLS will be performing live on Children in Need this year on 19th November.

So what do you make of the dolls? Do you think they are realistic and will you be asking for one this Christmas?

Also, check out this exclusive video of JLS with their mini-them!

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