‘Gladiator Boy vs the Three Ninjas’ and ‘Full Moon’

Three NinjasGladiator Boy vs the Three Ninjas
By David Grimstone

  • Having escaped the dreaded water maze, the five friends now have a new enemy – they are being hunted by three ninjas – the most deadly warriors in Japan.
  • But Decimus Rex and his friends won’t give in that easily. The battle to survive is on once again!
  • This book is packed with action and combat and character.  It is a gripping adventure

Published by Hodder
Paperback £4.99
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AlfieAlfie the Werewolf – Full Moon
By Paul van Loon

  • Alfie and Tim are looking forward to their school trip, until Tim gets flu and has to stay behind. Alfie will have to cope without his best friend for once, but at least it’s not Full Moon and he won’t be turning into a werewolf … or so he thinks!
  • A calendar mix-up means that Alfie will be camping out with his classmates in the woods during full moon with a crazy hunter as their guide.
  • How on earth will Alfie keep his werewolf identity a secret from his friends and avoid being the hunter’s prey? And as if that wasn’t enough, something scary is lurking in the forest …
  • An exciting new book that will appeal to boys and reluctant readers – it has tons of tension and humour

Published by Hodder
Paperback £4.99
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