Guinness World Records – World Tallest and World Smallest Men Meet

tallsmallAP_450x329Earlier this month, the world´s tallest and the world´s smallest men meet each other in Turkey.

Sultan Kosen the world´s tallest man is 8 feet 1 inch tall and He Pingping the world´s smallest man is 2 feet 5.37 inches tall.

PingPing visited Kosen´s homeland to celebrate the opening of the new Guinness World Record´s Live Roadshow. Their meeting kicks off a six-week event of record-breaking, where members of the public can attempt to do 50 different records.

Kosen said that he wanted to meet Pingping since he was rewarded the title of world´s tallest man. He was really happy that Pingping traveled to Turkey, so that they could together celebrate the opening of Guinness World Record´s Live.