Happy Birthday Spot the Dog

Spot Dog

Happy birthday Spot the Dog

Spot the Dog was created by Eric Hill in 1980.

Spot first story was called ‘Where’s Spot?’.  Spot quickly became one of the best-loved pre-school characters of all time.

Today Spot’s adventures remain incredibly popular and are enjoyed the world over.

About Eric HillEric Hill

  • Eric Hill was born 7 September 1927 in London.
  • He attended Pooles Park Elementary and Tollington Park Central schools until the outbreak of World War II.
  • At the age of 12, Eric was evacuated from London to the small village of Bluntisham in Huntingtonshire prior to the outbreak of hostilities in 1939.
  • Eric returned to London in early 1940. He left school at 15 to start his first job with a shipping office in the City.
  • At 16 he joined an art studio as a messenger where he was encouraged to draw cartoons in his spare time.
  • After a stint with the Royal Air Force, Eric returned to the studio again and his cartooning work began to be published in national magazines and newspapers. He started a weekly strip for the London magazine Illustrated and did small story sketches for Lilliput and other national magazines.
  • Eric’s next career move was in advertising. However he eventually decided to work for himself, freelancing as an art director, graphic designer and illustrator.
  • In 1976, Eric’s son Christopher was born. Eric made up a story about a small puppy to read to him at bedtime, when he was 2 years old. In 1980, Where’s Spot? was published and the rest is history.
  • As well as his son Christopher, Eric also has a daughter, Jane, who now works very closely with her father on many Spot projects. Eric remains involved in the development of all Spot projects at every stage. He and his wife Gillian divide their time between California and France with a varied collection of animals which provide continual inspiration for the Spot stories.
  • Eric was one of the ‘literary ambassadors’ invited to The Children’s Party at the Palace to commemorate The Queen’s 80th birthday at Buckingham Palace in June 2006. This highlight of Eric’s career was followed with the award of an O.B.E. for services to children’s literature in the 2008 New Year’s Honours List.

Spot and his familySpot family

  • Spot lives with his mum Sally and his dad Sam in a house with a big garden. Spot often spends time with his Grandma and Grandpa whose house is quite nearby.
  • Spot’s dad is Sam. He is a farmer and drives a tractor. He loves to spoil Spot and introduces him to all the animals on the farm.
  • Spot’s mum is Sally. Spot likes helping his mum to make cakes.
  • Grandma has a cat called Kitty. She and Spot love reading stories together.
  • Grandpa is a retired fireman and sometimes Spot and his friends go for a ride on Grandpa’s old fire engine.
  • Spot shares his many adventures with his best friends Helen the hippo, Tom the crocodile and Steve the monkey.
  • Steve the monkey lives next door to Spot. He loves climbing and playing all kinds of games. He is rather mischievous and likes jokes.
  • Helen is a blue hippo. She enjoys ballet and making cookies, and she also loves riding her bicycle and going to the park with Spot to play.
  • Tom is a green friendly crocodile who often comes to play with Spot and he also loves flying his kite in the park.

For more about Spot and his birthday events, visit www.funwithspot.com