Have a sneak peek at ‘Alpha and Omega’

alphaomegaskiingThis October, there is a 3D film coming out that everyone at Fun Kids is very excited about, called ‘Alpha and Omega’.  And we have managed to get hold of a sneak preview to show you!

The film focuses on two wolves, Kate and Humphrey, who are so different they might as well be different species! Humprey is an Omega wolf, whose days involve hanging out with his mates and playing around. However, Kate is an Alpha wolf, focused on duty and discipline.

wolfdroolingSo it makes for a pretty interesting road trip when these two try to get home after being taken by park rangers and shipped halfway across the country. They need to get home to help restore the peace between their rival wolf packs, but first they have to survive each other.

This film is coming out on 22nd October in 3D. Stay tuned to Fun Kids for more details and sneak peeks over the coming months.