Have you ever seen a Unicorm or Winged cat?

MogasusA collection of weird exhibits has been put up for sale.

Professor Copperthwaite was an adventurer who amazed Victorian Britain with his stunning finds of strange and weird animals.  Whilst not many of them really existed, his freaky collection of animals deceived museum visitors in the 19th century.

They were stunned by the vampire bat with duck’s feet and marvelled at the first abominable snowman ever captured.

Undoubtedly they sniggered too at the ludicrous flying cat.

The motley collection formed part of the now defunct museum of taxidermy at the Brading Experience on the Isle of Wight.

The animals were presumed to have been captured for the nation by a Victorian adventurer known as Professor Copperthwaite, although he appears to have vanished from the pages of history.  He gave the 2.1m (7ft) yeti the authoritative-sounding name Yeti Gigantes Abomanalis, or abominable snowman.