Honey Monster Reports – Saturday 16 January

Hello againBattersea-Park

It’s Saturday and that means looking at something fun you can do with your mum and dad or brother or sister or Aunty Marge and Uncle Tom or Nanny or Grandad or someone else, to get out of the house and do something fun.  Monsters don’t like staying indoors, we’re too big anyway it’s a lot nicer to be able to stretch out and run around, don’t you think?

Today’s Monster Day Out is……. The Park

  • Sometimes it’s nice to have a big day out and go on the train or in the car for an adventure, but other times you can have much more monster fun keeping it simple!
  • For our last Monster Day Out my suggestion is that you should check out The Park near you – there’s bound to be one.  It might only be a bit of grass, or there might be woods.  Whatever it’s got, it needs YOU – so get out there and remind yourself what it looks like today!
  • The great thing about Parks is that they don’t cost a penny to get in and all your mates can join you there so you can save your pocket money for other things.
  • You can play football, or Frisbee or tag, or you can invent you own game.  If there are woods you could make a den or start a spooky secret club and make signals to each other using wood and stones.
  • And because parks are near your house you can keep the game going for weeks if you like.  Now the only question is do you want a monster for a member? – sounds like fun to me Hee hee!!

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