Honey Monster Reports – Saturday 9 January

Hello again

Today I’m looking at something fun you can do with your mum and dad or brother or sister or Aunty Marge and Uncle Tom or Nanny or Grandad or someone else, to get out of the house and do something fun.  Monsters don’t like staying indoors, we’re too big anyway it’s a lot nicer to be able to stretch out and run around, don’t you think?

Today’s Monster Day Out is…….  a day out at a sea life centreSealife

  • I love fish – not just with chips either!  Hee hee!  There are dozens of Aquariums and Sea Life Centres across the UK and they’re great for seeing some jaw dropping giant fish as well as funny little tiddlers.
  • One of the biggest is the Sea Life London Aquarium. It has a collection of water tanks showing around 400 species of fish. That’s a MONSTER collection!
  • The aquarium includes three floors and 14 different zones (freshwater stream, Atlantic upper, rivers and ponds, Pacific upper, Indian Ocean, Atlantic lower, Ray pool, temperate waters, Pacific lower, coral reef, invertebrates, tropical freshwater, mangrove….. and rainforest, phew!  What a lot of water!).
  • The Pacific tank contains Green sea turtles and various species of sharks such as Sand Tigers, Brown Sharks and Nurse Sharks.  But don’t worry – they’re behind really thick glass so they won’t want to eat you for lunch!
  • The London Aquarium is on the South Bank of the Thames near the London Eye but even if you are not in London there is bound to be a Sea Life Centre near you – why not ask your mum and dad?

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