Honey Monster Reports – Friday 1 January

Hi there

Every Friday I look at DVD releases and new movies in the cinema.  I love a monster film – or even a good film that isn’t about monsters!

Well its still the school holidays in most places of the country so if you’re twiddling your thumbs why not enjoy some of the classic holiday films – they’re great for relaxing to with some home made popcorn – yum yum!  Uh oh, just thinking of popcorn is making my tummy rumble….Toy Story

One of my favourite films is Toy Story – its a great animated story about a load of toys – Woody the cowboy toy gets all jealous when Buzz Lightyear, a whizzy astronaut toy joins the toy box  – he’s all shiny and new with buttons that make him say “INFINITY AND BEYOND!”  Hee hee!!  Woody gets sent away and the other toys have to rescue him and they all make up in the end.  I like it cos its exciting and funny.

AnnieAnother great holiday film is Annie – its about a cheeky little red haired orphan – now I’m a cheeky big orange haired monster but I love it cos its got some great songs in it and I love a good sing song.  There’s loads of songs you might know, including “The Sun Will Come Up, Tomorrow” and “It’s a Hard Knock Life”.  Now I’m not going to sing them cos my voice doesn’t go high enough but take my word for it, they’re good songs.  Give it a watch and you’ll be singing yourself in no time.  Hee hee!

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