Honey Monster Reports – Friday 15 January

Welcome to today’s Honey Monster Reports.

Every Friday I look at DVD releases and new movies in the cinema.  I love a monster film – or even a good film that isn’t about monsters!

Over the next few weeks, there are some great films coming out on DVD.

This week’s DVDs kick off with magic and monsters – one of my favourite combinations!  Merlin is back with Merlin – Series 2 Vol.2, released on 8 Feb 2010, rated PG.Merlin - Series 2 Vol.2,

  • You might have seen it on the TV – this is a great series, with stacks of adventures as the young wizard struggles to protect Prince Arthur in the dangerous world of Camelot, whilst trying to keep his magical talents a secret.
  • One of the best bits is when King Uther falls in love, little knowing that the charming Lady Catrina is secretly a hideous troll – nasty!  Hee hee!
  • There are loads of other exciting new villains, scary stunt sequences, and spectacular monsters, so in my opinion this is a DVD not to be missed!

Next up, you might have seen Ben 10 on television; its a great series about Ben Tennyson and his ability to turn into several extra-terrestial beings – mega cool!  He’s back for more adventures in Ben 10, Alien Swarm which is coming up for DVD release in March, rated PG.Ben 10 - Alien Swarm [DVD]

  • In this series Ben breaks ranks from Grandpa Max and the Plumbers, which is a secret organisation that battles alien forces.
  • He’s going it alone to help Elena find her father, and uncover an alien threat to our world.
  • Joining him on his adventures are Gwen and Kevin, super-powered heroes in their own right, who must trust each other’s instincts to help save the day.
  • Its fast moving stuff but if you love a bit of action you won’t want to miss it – a big monster thumbs up from me!

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