Honey Monster Reports – Friday 18 December

Welcome to today’s Honey Monster Reports.

Every Friday I look at DVD releases and new movies in the cinema.  I love a monster film – or even a good film that isn’t about monsters!

With Christmas just around the corner, there are loads of monster festive films that you can get on DVD to put you in the right mood.


  • A brilliant film –  it’s about an orphan who makes friends with a pick pocket called The Artful Dodger and together they join Fagin’s gang – there’s loads of great songs including Consider Yourself and my personal favourite, Food Glorious Food!
  • Oooh my tummy is rumbly now.   Just thinking about all that hot sausage and mustard…mmmmm!

ET – The Extra Terrestrial

  • Another great film is its about an alien who gets left behind when all his alien mates go home and a little girl finds him and makes friends – aw!
  • Poor lonely ET!  I’d be his friend, although he’d probably think I was a very scary alien

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