Honey Monster Reports – Monday 18 January

Today’s Honey Monster Reports on Monsters in the Spotlight features …….  Monster Munch Monsters!Monster Munch Monsters!

  • Sorry just finishing some lovely crisps there.  Monster Munch are monster shaped crisps and as you would expect are my favourite crisps of all.
  • The Monster Munch Monsters are nearly as famous as the crisps – you used to be able to spot them in the telly adverts all the time and were a really scary looking bunch!
  • They included Pink Monster who was tall and gangly and who went mad for the Roast Beef flavour, Red Monster (a tall monster with one eye bigger than the other), Orange Monster, Blue Monster, (who wore a hat and had floppy ears and four arms) Yellow Monster (a one-eyed, red-nosed creature) and last but not least Green Monster.
  • What a weird bunch!  But they are experts when it comes to crisps so thanks to the Monster Munch Monsters for stopping my tummy from rumbling!

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