Honey Monster Reports – Sunday 10 January

Welcome to another Honey Monster report on Fun and Games With Honey Monster

Today’s way to have fun is…….  Swimming!Swimming!

  • You might not think Monsters like swimming but I LOVE it!  Nothing better than getting my cossie on and ripping up a few lengths.  What do you mean you’ve never seen a monster in a swimming cossie?  Well what else am I supposed to wear – a suit of armour?  Hee hee!
  • Swimming is one of the easiest types of exercise to get involved with as there are swimming pools in every single town.  Learning to swim is a really sensible thing to do, you might already be learning at school, maybe you can swim already.
  • Even if you can’t you can use arm bands or inflatable rings to keep you afloat so there’s no need to be scared – there aren’t any Sea Monsters in swimming pools either – well not in many of them!
  • If you don’t like swimming you can still have fun at the pool – splashing about, laying back and letting all your troubles float away, or watching other people doing fancy dives; its a great way to have fun with friends.
  • Why not ask your mum and dad if you can go swimming this weekend?  Maybe see if your mates can come along too – it’s splashing good fun!

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