Honey Monster Reports – Sunday 17 January

Each Sunday I look at ways you can get moving and a-grooving playing games and doing great activities with brothers and sisters, oh and mum and dad

Today’s way to have fun is…….   Street Dancing!Street Dancing!

  • Street Dancing is one of the coolest ways to have fun – you might have seen George Sampson or the group Diversity doing it, both who won the TV talent show Britain’s Got Talent.
  • Keep your eyes open next time you’re out in town, some street dancers like the crowds so busy shopping centres are good places to see them at it.  It’s a mix of hip hop and house dancing with some gymnastics thrown in but anyone can give it a try, you don’t need to be in a gym!
  • One of the features of street dancing is that there are loads of “dance off competitions” where friends dance against each other with the audience deciding who is the winner – it can be fast and furious and often made up on the spot!
  • If you want to give it a try why not see if your local leisure centre or community centre has a hip hop or modern dance class that you could join?  You’ll be flipping around like a flap jack in no time!

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