Honey Monster Reports – Sunday 20 December

Welcome to today’s Honey Monster Reports and Fun and Games With Honey Monster.

Every Sunday I look at ways you can get moving and a-grooving playing games and doing great activities with brothers and sisters, oh and mum and dad

Today’s way to have fun is……. Flying a Kite!

  • Flying a kite is easy to do anywhere outdoors but is best where there’s a load of space to run about – monsters LOVE running about.  Especially if we can go AAARRRGGGHHH whilst we’re running.  Hee hee!
  • Kites need a bit of wind and a bit of practise.  They come in all sorts of sizes from teeny tiny ones that you can fly with one hand to giant ones that can lift a man or woman off the ground – wee heee!  That would be really great wouldn’t it, beats queuing for the bus hee hee!
  • The Ancient Chinese were flying kites over 2000 years ago, not quite sure why, some kites are used to hunt with so maybe they hunted with them, or maybe they just liked running around outside going AARRGGHH!

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