Honey Monster Reports – Sunday 27 December

Every Sunday I look at ways you can get moving and a-grooving playing games and doing great activities with brothers and sisters, oh and mum and dad

Today’s way to have fun is……. Rowing!Rowing

Row Row Row Your Boat
Gently Down the Stream
If you see a crocodile
Don’t forget to scream!!!

  • Hee Hee! You probably won’t see many crocodiles in this country but it is a great way to see lots of wildlife close up, you might even see a sea monster if you’re lucky!
  • Rowing is great fun and you don’t have to live near the sea side to do it – it’s something that can be done on boating lakes, canals and rivers – in fact lots of other places.
  • Rowing is a great activity to do with your parents or friends.  It can be very relaxing, especially on a nice warm afternoon, where you can float along, have a race with some ducks or even play pirates with some friends in another rowing boat!!
  • You don’t need to own your own boat, as it is very easy to hire a boat for an hour or two.  Make sure you go with your Mum or Dad or Nanny or Granddad or another adult you know though, you wouldn’t want to fall in and get all wet – yucky!
  • So remember, if there is a boating lake or river near you, why not check out the opportunities to go messing about on the river, and go rowing with family and friends.

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