Honey Monster Reports – Sunday 3 January

Welcome to today’s Honey Monster Reports and Fun and Games With Honey Monster, where I look at ways you can get moving and a-grooving playing games and doing great activities with brothers and sisters, oh and mum and dad

Today’s way to have fun is……. Trampolining!Trampolining!

  • If exercise isn’t normally your thing you might find trampolining puts a spring in your step – its basically bouncing around for fun!  Hee hee!
  • Well OK, there’s a bit more to it than that – there are different moves with funny names you can learn like seat drops, pikes, swivel hips, somersaults… they’re not as easy as they look and you have to be mega fit to be able to put them all together.
  • Safety is really important and you have to make sure you have spotters – they’re people who stand around the edge of the trampoline in case you fall off.
  • If there’s a leisure centre near you why not ask about trampolining next time you go for a swim?  Quite often they run classes in the evenings and maybe you could join one.
  • Just don’t practice on your bed, your mum won’t like that and I’ll get all the letters complaining – OK?

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