Honey Monster Reports – Wednesday 20 January

Welcome to today’s Honey Monster Reports.

Every Wednesday I look at special events that take place this week – like National Sausage Day or Scary Spider Week – you know the sort of thing.   Did you know that there isn’t a National Monster Week – maybe we should start one!

This week it has been a Monster Week because its…  time to get ready for the RSPB Big Garden Watch!RSPB Big Garden Watch

  • Did you know birds are the closest relations to the dinosaurs on earth?  Some of them haven’t changed much at all since then which makes them sort of like nice mini monsters if you ask me!
  • Hee hee!  If like me, you love birds and want to help them, then the Big Garden Birdwatch is your chance to do something that really counts.
  • Every year the RSPB asks kids around the UK to watch the birds in their garden for one hour and count how many they see, and what types they spot.  It’s a great way to get a snapshot of what birds are about, as they’re more likely to come into gardens when they weather is chilly.  It’s really sad that over half the sparrows in the UK have gone, and this is something we only know about thanks to events like this and maybe a change can be made.
  • This year the Big Watch is at the end of January – that’s between the 25th and 31st January so check out the RSPB website at www.rspb.org.uk  for how to register yourself and don’t miss out on a great way to help our favourite little monsters!

Join me tomorrow, Thursday, for the Monster Waffle Challenge – your chance to waffle  away (and Friday for more Monstrous Film Reviews)

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