Honey Monster Reports – Wednesday 23 December

Hi Monster Fans

Every Wednesday I look at special events that take place this week – like National Sausage Day or Scary Spider Week – you know the sort of thing.   Did you know that there isn’t a National Monster Week – maybe we should start one!

This week it has been a Monster Week because its…  Christmas Week!

  • Well what can I say, it’s CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!  Well nearly.  Hope you’ve done all your shopping and written your list to Santa.
  • It’s so exciting isn’t it, I always have monster fun at Christmas, all the lovely food and a Honey Monster sized pile of pressies just for me – hee heee!  But remember, Christmas is not just about receiving presents – it’s also about giving them to mum, dad, Honey Monsters,  our brothers and sisters, friends, grandparents, Honey Monsters, people who live down the road … oh and did I mention Honey Monsters!!

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