Honey Monster Reports – Wednesday 6 January

Welcome to today’s Honey Monster Reports.

Every Wednesday I look at special events that take place this week – like National Sausage Day or Scary Spider Week – you know the sort of thing.   Did you know that there isn’t a National Monster Week – maybe we should start one!

This week it has been a Monster Week because its…  Recycle your Cards & Tree Week!Recycle

  • Now your Christmas tree is probably looking a bit threadbare by now, maybe there are a few needles on the carpet – ouch!  They’re not nice to stand on are they?  Why not make this week the week to take the tree to the tip! Let it go free!  It’s done its hard work and it needs a rest!!!!  Hee hee!
  • Most council recycling sites have a special place for all the trees to go where they will be used to make mulch or other useful things, much better than being left on the street or thrown into a boring old bin bag.
  • And while you’re at it why not have a monster clear out of all the lovely Christmas cards you have been sent?
  • Old cards can be put into your recycling tubs, where thin card is accepted, or you can find recycling bins especially for them in big shops like supermarkets.  Or if you have ones with really cool pictures on why not cut them out – you can use them as labels next Christmas!  Sounds like fun to me!

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