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Bug in a Box

“One the set of Evermoor, we all tried to creep each other out. I had a pet spider in the show and I used to pretend to have the spider in a box and open it in people’s faces. It was really funny, but I think I started to annoy people!”

Finney Cassidy, Evermoor


Soggy Moggy!

“One Halloween, I was dressed as a cat with a tail and everything. Some people behind me were walking their dog when suddenly it ran up and bit my tail! The tail pulled off and the dog wouldn’t give it back to me. When I finally got it back it was all ripped and soggy!”



Parping Potter!

“In the 3rd Harry Potter film, there’s a shot of all the kids sleeping in the great hall. Alan Rickman decided to hide a fart machine in my sleeping bag. They waited until the camera had come in for this DRAMATIC shot, and unleashed this tremendous noise. I was probably a bit embarrassed, but it was really, really funny!”

Daniel Radcliffe


Freaky Footballer!

“Once, me and my friends were out trick or treating and I was dressed as a haunting American footballer. There was a family behind with a young boy and he thought I was a real footballer. He decided to tackle me from behind and I fell right into a pile of mud! Cringe!”


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