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Get a G-rip!

In the first Teen Beach movie, my polka-dot dress was quite fragile and it got caught one time and ripped all the way up the back! As they tried to repair it on set, I was just stood there with a huge rip right up my back!

Grace Phipps, Teen Beach Movie 2


Trolley Swap

I was shopping with my mum when I ran and jumped onto our trolley… It tipped over, everything fell out and to make it worse – it wasn’t even ours! This guy was NOT happy. It was really embarrassing!

Rowan, 11


Wardrobe Worry!

While we were filming Friday Download, we were all in the green room chilling when I decided to get in the wardrobe. I thought it would be funny, but they all locked me inside it! I was in there for a good hour – I didn’t even get to finish my lunch!

Charlie, Friday Download


Pressie Problem!

I was getting my friend a present when I saw something that I really wanted too. There was only one left, so I told my mum I would get my friend something else instead. My mum said, “Isn’t that a bit selfish?” and I replied, “No,” really loudly, only to find that my friend was in the next aisle. Cringe!

Caitlin, 10

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