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Snow Joke!
“I was on a skiing holiday with my family at Christmas and decided to go down the really steep black slope! Halfway down I lost my balance and tumbled in the snow and my skis fell off! It wasn’t good!”
Ella Gilling, The Next Step


Christmas Crackers!
“We were having our school Christmas dinner and I pulled my cracker with so much force it exploded at hit my teacher in the face! To make matters worse, the toys and hat fell into my dinner and got covered in gravy!”


Stair Slip!
“I was performing on New Year’s Eve and starting to walk down the stairs while singing. I accidentally missed out a step and slipped onto my bum. I recovered quite quickly and the crowd were great with it.”
Taylor Swift


Bike Blush!
“It was Christmas Day and I got a bike. I couldn’t wait to show my friend so I cycled all the way to her house. She saw me coming and ran out, just in time for me to cycle into a lamppost. My friend couldn’t stop laughing!”

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