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Shoe Slip!

“I was on stage in the middle of singing Bang, Bang when I tripped up a step. I pretended like nothing had happened and carried on with the song. That certainly was a bang band moment!

Ariana Grande


Camping Cringe!

“I was camping and I need the toilet in the middle of the night. It was really dark and I was very jumpy. A boy who was also staying there walked around the corner and I jumped out of my skin and screamed! He just laughed and walked off. OMG so cringe!”

Eve, 10

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Mum ‘Mare!

“Once, my mum flew over to New York with me when I was auditioning for Jay-Z’s label. While we were there, she wouldn’t stop telling Beyoncé all of my baby stories about nappy rash and everything. It was totally cringe!”

Rita Ora


Frozen Fall!

“I was in the school playground and everyone was trying to skate on some ice. I tried but wasn’t looking where I was going and suddenly landed on top of a boy from my class. Everyone talked about it for the whole day!


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