How is a Playmobil figure made?


Many of us have lots of different fun Playmobil figures – after all in the past 30 years 2 billion figures have been made and just under 100 million are made every year!

playmobil16But when you’re playing with them – making them fly, ride a horse, dive underwater, or take over a pirate ship – have you ever thought how these little figures were made?

Well, the story behind these figures is pretty cool. For example, did you know that a brand new Playmobil figure you got for Christmas will still be able to hold a Playmobil sword made 30 years ago!?

Luckily we were given a sneak peek into the world behind Playmobil, and now we’re giving you the chance to see how a Playmobil figure is made from the very start to the box you see in the stores.


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