How to build a plane with some old metal and a lot of hard work

Plane crazy aviator builds £4,000 jet out of junk and old office fans
This rickety old plane may look slightly cramped and a bit low budget – but for passionate flyer Li Jingchun it’s the stuff of dreams.
Read more: two years of hoarding scrap metal and recycling unwanted goods, including an old industrial fan, the flying fanatic realised his boyhood dream of owning his very own aircraft.
The farmer’s lofty idea has taken off in a big way after assembling the amateur aircraft from scratch in the grounds of his farm in Changbai, northern China, with the help of his family.
Despite being dismissed by critics as just a flight of fancy, a determined Li Jingchun followed his dream and now wants to learn how to fly the plane for real.
‘I’ve always loved planes since I was a little boy,’ explained the 58-year-old.
‘It is my dream to fly a plane as a pilot with passengers in it. I’ll get there somehow no matter what it takes.’
Li Jingchun has run up bills of over £4,000 attempting to get his project off the ground to date.
But despite his huge outlay, the madcap engineer has only just started work on the plane’s interior – meaning it may not be the most comfortable ride of all time…
However without an engine for his aircraft – and lack of a pilot’s license – his chances of getting off the ground unfortunately look terminal.

First, find some scrap metal and unwanted goods, say an old  industrial fan.

Then, make sure you have plenty of space in your garden

Add some screws, glue, and after two years, you may have a plane!

Well, that’s what  Li Jingchun, who always wanted his own plane did

For two years he collected scrap metal and unwanted goods, and has now realised a  boyhood dream of owning his very own aircraft.

Li Jingchun lives on a farm in Changbai, northern China, so has plenty of space and the  help of his family.  All he needs to do now is just learn how to fly the plane!  Ow… and find an engine!