How to save an endangered quoll – feed it poison toad sausages

QuollAustralian conservationists are saving the Quolls, an endangered animal by feeding it toxic toad sausages.

The Quolls are a rare and endangered marsupial.  Quolls like to eat cane toads, but unfortunately, just one poisonous cane toad is enough to kill a quoll. Which means that they don’t learn not to eat them, because they die as soon as they’ve made the mistake.

So in order to help the quolls scientists trapped a few and fed them jst enough cane toad to make them sick, but not enough to kill them. The quolls soon learnt that cane toads should be avoided.

The quolls that had been taught not to eat cane toads lived five times longer than their toad-eating friends.

The scientists plan to drop sausages made from cane toads out of planes over Australia to teach wild quolls the same trick.

Click to watch a toad-munching quoll in action