Human Dominoes

Dominoes850 people, and their mattresses, recently got together in New Orleans to set a new world record for human mattress domino-toppling – the act where you are knocked backwards on to mattresses, one after another.

Guinness World Records said each person needed to ‘touch the one behind it and there needed to be a consecutive chain of toppling mattresses’.

After an official pushed the first  domino, the carefully placed mattresses all fell in turn until the record was  confirmed and everyone jumped for joy on their mattresses.

The record for mattress dominoes was first set with 100 people live on air by the BBC’s Blue Peter in 2009. The New Orleans attempt broke the previous mattress domino record of 550 set in Belgium in 2011, but there is still a way to go to beat the human domino record set by 10,276 Chinese in Inner Mongolia!!