Into Film members check out The Lego Movie


The Lego Movie and all its awesomeness bounces its way on to DVD this week!

If you saw the film in the cinema you most probably still have the signature tune ‘Everything is Awesome’ still in your head and if you are being introduced to Emmett, Wyldstyle and their fellow Lego friends for the first time you will be hooked in no time!


Check out what these Into Film members thought of the film:

Dan – “The LEGO movie was… bricky. I mean if you combine LEGO and Morgan Freeman (The best actor/narrator ever) you can’t really go wrong. The film was awesome and had a nice and a steady paced storyline. It was good because it wasn’t hard to keep up with everything. It also had its share clever jokes and LEGO puns as well.

The film is about this “ordinary” guy named Emmet (voice over by Chris Pratt) who gets mistaken to be some sort of saviour to save the LEGO universe from the clutches of President Business (voice over by Will Ferrell). Emmet of course can’t do that but tries by believing and getting help from Batman (voice over by Will Arnett).

Basically, this film is amazing and if you haven’t seen it, you should!”

Jacob – “This film is epic. I loved the song Everything Is Awesome. Brilliant. This film is for all ages.”

Olivia – “EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!! This movie is highly funny and is a great movie for people who love to share a laugh!!”

Conor – “The LEGO movie was Super tastic!!!!!!!! This film was exciting and I couldn’t stop watching, I didn’t even blink. Everyone in the whole world should watch this movie.”

Lewis – “Everything about this movie is awesome!! It is brilliant and funny. An ordinary Lego man named Emmet Embarks on Epic journey to save the Lego world. With the master builders at his side he can do anything. This movie is filled to the brim with humour. Like Frozen this movie has an AMAZING soundtrack with a song that is extremely catchy. I think Phil lord and Christopher Miller (the directors) did a great job with this movie by giving the world the Lego movie they wanted.”

Emily –  “A very original stop animation movie, which will satisfy both child and adult. The protagonist Emmet has to save all the master builders and his people all because he is the ‘special’. A great family friendly comedy starring Batman, Star Wars, Wonder Woman, superman, ect. This film will make you laugh and enjoy the evening with a smile on your face.”

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