Introducing Knuffingen Airport, Europe’s newest airport – just a little bit smaller

mini-airportTiny hats off to the hard working model makers in Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland, who’ve recently opened their ludicrously impressive miniature airport.

‘Knuffingen Airport’ is inspired by Hamburg’s very own airport, but cost nowhere near as much to build.  Just 3.5 million Euros.

article-1383532-0BE75FF100000578-944_964x628It’s nothing short of jaw-dropping, with tiny indicator lights on the trucks flashing, 90 vehicles that trundle around the runways automatically, and 40 working planes taxi-ing around the airport and some even take off thanks to miniature wires that carry them off the end of the runway!

The real Hamburg airport opened in 1911 and is the oldest operational airport in the world.  When it opened, it covered just 45 hectares; today it’s ten times bigger and measures over 2 square  miles.

Explore the airport during daytime – watch the video below

And at night …