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evie town crierWahey,

It’s Jamie here from The Club! You can listen to me on the weekends from 4pm.

In the club this weekend I’ll be talking One Direction news and ostrich racing! Yep – strange but true.

Lastly I’ll be talking really loudly as I try to be the local town crier for Fun Kids!

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evie town crier“HELLLLOOOO!!!”

In my loudest voice ever, because Britain’s youngest town crier is eight!

Wait a minute…town criers still exist?

In medieval England town criers would be the chief source of information!

Let’s remember there were no newspapers, some people couldn’t even read and as for Twitter, the Internet wasn’t even invented.

The town criers would ring their bell, wear silly long red jackets and would shout really important information like events, laws and local gossip really LOUDLY!

After a bit of research there are in fact 150 town criers left in Britain, and the tiny town of Creetown in Dumfries decided to host a competition to select a town crier. Their winner was Evie Cloy, aged 8, who has a huge voice.

Have a look at Evie being a little loud mouth right here…

Do you want to be a Town Crier? Let us know in the comment box below!

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