Jamie’s Blog: Lost Languages

mexico2In the world there are 400 languages that are in danger of disappearing completely.

The indigenous Mexican language, Zoque-Ayapaneco, is considered the most likely to become extinct, because the only two people in the world that speak it fluently, do not talk to each other!

What’s even more annoying is that they live within 500 yards of each other, in the village of Ayapa, but they refuse to talk to each other because they simply don’t have much in common.

The two men, Segovia and Velazquez, say that the language used to be widely spoken in the village, but the younger generation shunned it for fear of being laughed at.

Segovia has been teaching his son Manuel it recently, but if Segovia and Velazques don’t have a chat then Manuel will have a language all by himself, being a chatterbox in his own language.

Can you speak any other languages? Let me know in the comment box below?

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