Jamie’s Blog: Nightmare

jigsaw_2550732bHey, it’s Jamie from The Club here!

Have you ever concentrated so hard on completing a project that when it comes down to the final part, it all goes horribly wrong?

Like building a house with a deck of cards, and you get to the last card and it falls apart. Or doing a really cool painting in art class and the paint pot falls over and ruins not only your work but your friends too! (Yep that happened me before, awkward).

Well how about this for a nightmare situation! A 40,000 piece jigsaw puzzle crumbles, right before the eyes of its creator, 63 year old Dave Evans.

The handcut masterpiece beautifully showed the celebration from the Queens Royal Jubilee, taking Dave 5 months and roughly 200 hours to create.

On Wednesday 24th April, Dave showed off his amazing work to his friends and to live webcam viewers, but the next day after putting it in a frame, Dave had noticed that his work needed to be adjusted slightly.

But after becoming distracted by a passer (asking for directions) his jigsaw collapsed. Check out the disaster in the video…

That is one of the most tragic things I’ve ever ever seen.

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