Jamie’s Blog: Tidy Up In Space!

Space_JunkHey, it’s Jamie from The Club here!

My astronaut friends told me yesterday that space is well messy, because there are loads of abandoned satellites and rockets floating around.

Scientists reckon that there could be some ‘catastrophic’ collisions in the next century and so are looking at ways to remove some of the junk up there.

One of their ideas is being developed right here in the UK and it involves catching old rockets by firing harpoons and then taking them down so that they can burn up in the atmosphere.

Currently there are around 20,000 man made objects in orbit that are being monitored.

However, there are unseen particles up there too ranging in size between 1-10cm across, and perhaps tens of millions of other particles smaller than 1cm, which are really annoying for my astronaut pals.

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