Junion Club Blog: Eyes

Alex 2Hello, it’s Alex from The Junior Club here.

This morning I went to opticians and they had to take photographs of the inside of my eyes.

Before that, they had to put drops in to make my pupils (the black bits) get bigger. Don’t they look weird?

The worst bit was when I went outside. Because my pupils were massive, they were letting loads of light in and giving me a headache.

Luckily I had sunglasses with me, so I put them on top of my normal glasses! I looked silly wearing 2 pairs of glasses at the same time, but it was the only way I could see properly.

Alex 1I got some funny looks from people as I walked into the Fun Kids studios.

If you want to know more about eyes and the rest of your body, you can listen to Professor Hallux whenever you want on the Fun Kids Player.

Click here to listen!

Let me know if you have ever had to wear something that made you feel and look really silly. Use the comment box below!

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