Junior Club Blog: Ducklings

ducksHey, it’s Alex from The Junior Club here!

This week has been very exciting in my Mum & Dad’s house. Their big ducks have had little ducks.

Aren’t they gorgeous?

It was so cold where they live in Scotland that my Mum and Dad had to bring them indoors and put them under a lamp to keep them warm. Don’t they look cosy?

My Mum and Dad still haven’t decided on names for the ducks, so if you have any ideas I’ll pass your suggestions on to them.

Just let me know in the comment box below!

Also it made me think it’s a good time to bring back the Pet of the Week feature on the Animal Hour. All you have to do to take part is send us a photo of your pet with loads of information about them, like their name, what they like doing and any silly stories you can remember.

Have a look at our Pet Gallery for more ideas. Click here to visit the Pet Gallery!

Happy Easter!


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