Juniper Junction

Royal train in country compressedWe’ve recently found a really great film called Juniper Junction. Full of  amusing characters and lots of fantastic trains, Juniper Junction is about a Stationmaster and the problems he experiences all because of a king, a mouse and a clock!

His Majesty the King is setting out on his summer holidays and the Royal Train will be passing through Juniper Junction at exactly three o’clock. It must on no account be delayed. Everything must run like clockwork. It doesn’t, of course!

Juniper Junction is set at a really interesting time – in the early years of the last century when railways ran to every corner of the land. Meet the characters who work at the station in this fascinating and very funny film.

To give you a little taster, we’ve managed to get our hands on a clip from the film below.

Due for DVD release on 15 October 2010. For more information visit