Justin Bieber gets poorly at a live show!

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber isn’t having an amazing time at the O2 in London.

He’s been there all week as part of his ‘Believe’ tour and things aren’t going great.

Earlier this week he was two hours late for a show and made lots of fans angry. And in last night’s show Justin had to stop it half way through as he felt really ill.

JB-HospitalHe had to pause everything for 20 minutes while a doctor gave him oxygen and made sure he was okay.

But then, like a top lad, Justin came back on stage to finish the show.

And Justin has now posted a message to his fans saying that he’s okay along with a picture of him in hospital. Lovely.

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And to celebrate Justin feeling better, here’s the next Justin Bieber single, it’s ‘All Around The World’…

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