Kitten Cupid and Kitten Smitten

If the title doesn’t give it away, then these adorable images should: this is an absolute must-have for all you cat lovers! These books by Anna Wilson are both funny and very heartwarming with loads of CATtitude – yes, we went with the pun!

Kitten Cupid

kitten cupidIn the latest story of the series, Bertie Fletcher is determined to find out who or what has been bothering her kitten. Jaffa’s clearly spooked by something – she’s even tried to hide herself in the fridge!

With the help of some video equipment Bertie mounts a surveillance operation and finds out that a big bad tom cat has been hurtling uninvited through the catflap.

But it turns out that Bob the bruiser isn’t quite as scary as he seems – and he soon finds himself the welcome recipient of attention from a mystery source . . . Will it be love at first sight?


Kitten Smitten

kitten smittenIn this story Bertie Fletcher finds out what exactly happens when two families are smitten by the same kitten.

Bertie is happier than a cat who’s got the custard when she gets Jaffa, her very own beautiful marmalade kitten. Even her dad seems to have come to terms with the whole pet-owning thing!

But then the horrendously over-perfect Meerley family arrives on the scene and Jaffa is caught in a tug-of-love between them and Bertie. Who will Jaffa decide she wants to live with? May the best family win!


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